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Tuesday, 30-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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So another leeds festival has come and gone. this was my sixth leeds festival if i remember correctly. i was lucky to have gone at all considering i placed trust in a complete stranger to get me my ticket which i had to go down to the festival on the day to get but all turned out ok. it was a really good weekend which could have been alot better had i not crippled myself on the first night pissing about whilst drunk. as i write this im the unfortunate owner of a foot the size of a watermellon which is also twice as colourful. to sum up my weekend would take a page alot larger than this so to be brief leeds= sex(ual frustration), drugs, rock n roll and overpriced food. best band of the weekend had to be queens of the stone age and those who know me will hardly be suprised with my choice but of the six times ive seen them this was by a long way their best performance. oh and i cant not mention the girl in the picture you see it would be easy to think that when she ran past she was eluminating like in the pic but she was just a dark figure that would have remained anonymous and had i not taken that pic i would never have seen her and been able to appreciate her beauty...ive been getting deeply philisophical about this but if i tred to elaborate id just sound wierd.

Sunday, 7-Aug-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Young Man theres no need to feel down!....

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If any pictures ever needed an explanation then its probably these. Obviously its not what it looks like, me and my mates are not a bunch of raving queens (well maybe sean). however, add a few cans and bottles of lager with copius amounts of spirits and a sudden urge to take off clothes and dance together seems the done thing. i would like to point out that i refrained from these activities on the grounds that im to manly to be prancing around without my shirt on (or more like i was being a miserable bastard and wasnt drunk)

Tuesday, 24-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
i heart hooters!

truffle shuffle
are we nearly there yet
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hav been very lazy took these pics over a week ago but anyway.....went on a weekend trip to nottingham with 'the lads' and liz . why nottingham? well cos it has the only hooters in britain of course n paul wants to visit every one in the world so uve gota get the close ones first...aswell as that it has the biggest rock club in the uk(rock city)...it was a really good weekend although i lost the race 2 nottingham 2 joe but thats only cos i had to stop 4 petrol and besides got a good view of mat doin drive bys with his super soaker following them to the hotel. the hotel was sweet had a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and gym which we made the most of gota get ure moneys worth not bad for £30each...did get shouted at a few times apparantly doing bombs into the swimming pool is dangerous and going in2 the gym without tops on is just plain unnaceptable. hooters was pretty good for obvious reasons but it was also just cool that id pulled off the weekend and sat gettin drunk with my mates havin a laugh was probably the best bit...went to rock city but me n mat got ID'd im 22 whens this gunna stop...but there was a good club just next door so had a good night regardless then met up with every1 after to do knock-a-door runaway in the hotel..so childish but hey.

Saturday, 23-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
hughes and shan do america...

view from hotel...
we could see maddison square garden from our room
empire state building on king kongs day off
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cant help but feel slightly disappointed with my visit to new york. i think this is probably due to bad planning as unlike toronto its impossible to just stumble accross the good places to go simply because manhattan alone is huge without the rest of new york to navigate...but even still i think new york is over-rated....i hoped that my visit would allow me to get an idea of american culture first hand but i think manhattan was the wrong place to go for this, its just one big tourist attraction and everyone there makes a living off tourists, so nobody has time for you unless youre paying for it..we didnt find 1 nightclub whilst we where there and so most nights where spent quiet bars withe exception of 1 place (see pics)...on our first day in new york managed to get on live tv, we were part of the audience for music countdown programme called fuse tv which is apparently rather popular over there oh and i have to mention that central park is an amazing place a true oasis in new york and the site of the world trade centre is also a strange place that made myself and paul feel quite emotional somthing that was a little unexpected....still it was far better than being at work

Sunday, 17-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
OMG i cant believe it ive never been this far away from home!

hughes looking like elvis getting pulled up goin through customs
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strangly id never been abroad with any of my friends without my mum before so it was about time this was put right. the typical lads holiday to ibiza i never realy found appealing. me and one of my best mates (and next door neighbour) paul decided to book a holiday to toronto and new york. originally paul being a big ice hockey fan wanted to see a toronto maple leafs game but in the time leading up2 our holiday the season got canceled due to the greedy players demanding more money. anyway the first 7 days were spent in toronto and the week was pretty amazing, in fact far too many things to try and sum up here so hopefully the pics do that for me. toronto itself i found to be the best place ive visited to date. the place seems very clean and safe and vibrant but without being too busy and theres alot of things do. everyone is friendly and i dont think that there is anywhere else in the world that can boast higher percentage of beautiful women. also strangley i dont think i saw one old person. hmm

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